Surgical treatment of sialolithiasis

Sialolithiasis is the formation of stones in the drainage ducts of the major salivary glands. In calculation it produces obstruction of saliva towards the mouth, causing pain, inflammation and sometimes infection.

Conservative measures consist of local heat, massage, and hydration to tray to dissolve and mobilize the stone.

You can stimulate the secretion of saliva with mint tablets or drops of lemon juice and in this way, try to expel the stone naturally.

If bacterial infection is suspected, it will be necessary to start antibiotic treatment.

However, it is not always possible to remove it in this way and it is necessary to resort to surgery performed by a certificated ENT to remove the stone, avoiding damaging the gland´s drainage duct.

Chronic Otitis Media
Chronic Otitis Media
Chronic Otitis Media
Chronic Otitis Media
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