Adenoids are part of the immune system, helping to fight infectionsand protect the body from bacteria and viruses, especially in the nasal and oral cavities.

Only boys and girls have adenoids; same that begin to grow from birth and are largest when the child is between three and five years of age.

At the age of seven to eight, the adenoids begin to shrink and by the late teens, they are barely visible. By adulthood, they will have completely disappeared

. In children they can sometimes become swollen or enlarged due to a bacterial or viral infections, or after a substance triggers an allergic reaction.

Enlarged adenoids can completely block airflow through the nostrils. The adenoids may need to be removed if the child has:

Breathing problems: the child may have difficulty breathing through the nose and have to breathe through the mouth instead.

Difficulty sleeping: the child may have trouble sleeping causing you to snore

Recurrent or persistent ear problems, such as middle ear infections or adhesive otitis media recurrent or persistent sinusitis, causing symptoms such as a constant runny nose, facial pain and nasal speech.

Adenoids can be removed during an adenoidectomy.

This operation is carried out by an ENT surgeon, under general anesthesia.

Chronic Otitis Media
Chronic Otitis Media
Chronic Otitis Media
Chronic Otitis Media

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