Botulinum toxin application

Applications of botulinum toxin reduces and prevents dynamic expression lines or movement.

Rejuvenates the neck, It archives a rested effect on the face.

Reduces sweating in the armpits and palms of the hands.

It is a substance produced by a bacterium called clostridium botulinum, botox is a derivative of this toxin that is used in medicine to reduce wrinkles. It has multiple benefits:

-Effective to reduce wrinkles or expression lines
-Used to treat excessive sweating
-Migraine treatment
-Treats muscle spasticity
-Treats urinary incontinence

To know if you can use it, you need a prior medical appointment to know if you are a candidate and if so to know how much is going to be needed. It is applied through injections in the office.

Chronic Otitis Media
Chronic Otitis Media
Chronic Otitis Media
Chronic Otitis Media

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